Down at the very bottom of this Frank Bucholtz piece in the Langley Times, there’s a disappointing note about Translink boss Tom Prendergast:

Prendergast also said TransLink needs to change its attitude towards park and ride lots, which can boost transit ridership. TransLink historically hasn’t supported such lots.

No doubt park-and-rides increase transit ridership, but do they decrease the overall number of trips people make by car?  Here’s the worry.  Park-and-rides increase the number of people commuting by transit — and that’s obviously a good thing.  But they also make it easier for people to live in car-dependent places, where they can’t take transit to get groceries or go out for dinner, and their kids can’t walk to school very easily.  So even if people are taking transit to get to work, they’re using their cars more for everything else.

Besides, when people are already paying a premium to live close to transit, why waste the land around transit nodes on cars when people could live there?