Since I was just on a tear about the choices people make to live in transit-unfriendly sprawl, my friend K pointed me to this Don Cayo write-up of a report on rental housing for families in Vancouver.  The report comes from Bing Thom Architects, and it says that — as you might guess — Vancouver doesn’t have enough affordable housing for families.  No, I don’t suppose it does.

But check out what Michael Heeney, a partner at Bing Thom, says the solution is: “What we do need are rental units with two or more bedrooms that can be occupied by young families.”  He’s not taking about building more single-family, detached houses.  (Where would we build them?)  He’s talking about building condos with two and three bedrooms, instead of just one.  He’s talk about building laneway housing that takes up a bigger footprint of a 50-foot lot than the 750 sq. feet that’s currently allowed.

In other words, he’s acknowledging that a lot of families in metro Vancouver don’t necessarily want to own a three-bedroom-plus-den-and-two-car-garage house.  They want to live in a dense, walkable, livable part of the city, and they’d be willing to trade a lot of space to do it — if only the city made sure those two and three bedroom condos were there for them to rent.