If you take the 44 from UBC anytime between 5:00 and 6:30, you get see a funny thing happen with people who don’t take it that often.  The line — like most lines for buses in Vancouver — forms starting at the bus stop sign.  But because the 44 picks people up from an island in the middle of the bus loop, people can’t just form the line straight back.  The lines goes back for maybe about 25 metres, then it hooks back around in a big “U” and goes back in the opposite direction, often for as much as another 30 to 35 meters.  That’s a long line.  It can have anywhere between 100 and 140 people in it.  Regular commuters know the drill, and where ever the end of the line is, they walk straight to it and join it at the back.

But that’s just the 44’s regulars.  People who don’t know the bus start walking towards the sign at the head of the line.  Then they see the line and start walking back in the direction of what they think is its end.  But then they see the bend.  That’s when you can watch them slowly turn their heads around to see the rest of the line.  You can watch their eyes pop and their mouths drop open as it dawns on them just how long the line really is.