I figure I better come back to my predictions about coverage of the Labour Day bus route changes in the local media.  Happily, it looks like I was mostly too pessimistic.  The CBC gave the Canada Line mixed reviews, emphasizing throughout the piece that some commuters liked the changes and some didn’t.  24 Hours and Metro News (do these really count as real papers?) both had generally positive stories about how people’s commutes were improved by the Canada Line.  But the real stand-out was Kelly Sinoski’s and Darah Hansen’s piece in the Sun, which featured a good range of reactions from different people as well as some unexpected details about where people had problems.

As far as I can tell, the only paper to really embarrass itself was the Province.  Kent Spencer started his piece with a quote from Gordon Price about how “[m]ore people will benefit than will be annoyed [by changes to their commutes], but we’ll hear from the people who are annoyed.”  In other words, Spencer quoted Price talking about how misleading it would be to focus exclusively on people’s complaints.  Naturally, Spencer and his editors thought it would be best to follow that up by focusing almost exclusively on people’s complaints.  What?  What sense does that make?  Didn’t they just say that would be misleading?