Well, the great day of changing bus routes is upon us. Some people’s commutes are going to get better, and some are going to get worse.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for how it all gets covered in the local papers. I’d love to be wrong, but I expect lots of stuff on longer, less comfortable, and more difficult commutes in headlines, subheads, and ledes. We’re also going to hear a lot about those Delta school kids who go to the Granville St. private schools.  But reactions from people whose commutes have gotten better — say, because they no longer have to get passed up by one or two 98s before crawling through Marpole stuck in traffic behind the pokey number 10?  Those reactions will get buried many paragraphs deep, if they appear at all.

Now, at Gordon Price’s suggestion, I think I’ll go walk across the Burrard St. bridge and hop on an 84.

Update from the office:  It’s a beautiful day and that was a great walk.