Nathan Pachal hits on a point about BC Truckers Association president Paul Landry that I’ve wondered about myself:

Now I believe that goods-movement is important, I just wish the trucking association would see that getting more people into transit and pricing roads might actually be a good thing for trucking. Road pricing would have to be part of a larger plan to support goods-movement of course.

Exactly. While Translink’s proposals for pricing driving might not be the best for truckers, they could be tweaked to be a lot better for them.  But that’s not what we read Landry talking about.  We see him lobbying for “road users” — that’s his term.  But I honestly don’t understand why he takes his job to be voicing their concerns, rather than, you know, truckers’ concerns.  The vast majority of “road users” are people in cars clogging up the roads, so that truckers’ jobs are slower, less efficient, and more stressful.  So what’s Landry’s problem with measures that get those people out of truckers’ way?