Jeff Nagal’s got a must-read article in BC Local News.  It’s based on an interview with Translink honcho Tom Prendergast, with reactions from Surrey Mayor Diane Watts and clownish buffoon BC Trucking Association president Paul Landry.  Here’s Nagal’s lede:

Huge budget deficits for B.C. mean TransLink’s ambitious push to pour $450 million a year into transit expansion will almost certainly be shelved for at least the short term, CEO Tom Prendergast says.

That’s not exactly surprising anyone at this point, but still.  Crap.  More fun to read is Prendergast rolling his eyes at the province’s idiotic review dodge:

TransLink already underwent a detailed hunt for savings last year, overseen by its new professional board.

Prendergast does not believe TransLink is grossly inefficient given its mission, but says the province’s auditors are welcome to look for savings.

“They’re not going to find $400 million. They’re not going to find $40 million. But they’re going to find probably $2 or $3 million and we’ll make some changes,” he said.