There’s an idea for bikes lanes that’s been popping up here and there for a while now, and it’s something I’ve been talking about with friends who have some experience biking in, for example, Amsterdam.  The idea’s actually pretty simple.  A lot of cyclists are happier when they’ve got a bit of a barrier between them and traffic.  So why not make parked cars that barrier?  All you have to do is switch the positions of the parking lane and the bike lane, so the bike lane is on the right of parked cars, between them and the sidewalk.

This is an idea whose time has come on the west coast.  As Jonathan Maus at Bike Portland reports, Portland just opened up their first bike lanes between parked cars and the sidewalk.   And here in Metro Vancouver, Nathan Pachal at the South Fraser Blog tells us that getting that kind of bike lane is going to be a goal of the Cycling Network for Langley Campaign.  It’s a damn good idea.