In the comments to another post, Zweisystem says something I want to take exception to:

What is forgotten by many is that there are several private schools right along Granville St. and what was a non-stop no-transfer journey, is now a round-a-bout 2 or 3 transfer journey. I do not think many parents who put their kids on a 601 or 602 bus to school, will risk a 2 transfer journey, especially with a station at Casino Junction. I know I wouldn’t!

I’m not sure anyone’s forgotten the private school kids on Granville.  Their plight seems to pop up in every article about the Canada Line and changes to South Delta bus routes.  But put that aside.  What I find deeply puzzling about these comments is the horror at the thought that schools kids will have to transfer.

When I was in grade nine, I got mono.  My doctor told me I couldn’t ride my bike to school for about six months, so I took the bus.  In fact, I had to change buses, braving the dread forced transfer at the tender age of 15.  It was absolutely no problem at all.  I took the bus home with my friends, everyone getting off at their stops, or to make the transfers they had to make.  What’s more, you know who else was on those buses?  Kids from the very Granville St. private schools we’re talking about.  Somehow, they managed to make their transfers too.  Even the ones in elementary school.

I honestly can’t figure out what the problem is supposed to be here.  It’s worth remembering The Who’s considerable wisdom on this point.