“Data” isn’t the plural of “anecdote,” but it’s still interesting to hear people’s comparisons of taking transit versus cars from south of the Fraser into downtown.  This is from a letter to the Richmond Review:

[A]s someone who actually has family members residing around the Bayshore, I take a 10-minute bus ride on the #410 to the Canada Line, a 20-minute ride to Vancouver City Centre, and a four-minute ride on the #19 to Denman Street. Wait times have never been an issue, and I am at my destination in under 40 minutes, which I believe is approximately the same length of time it would take to drive (and likely quicker than driving during rush hour).

That last parenthetical remark is the thing that’s really interesting.  If it’s right that taking transit into the city is faster than driving during the morning and afternoon rushes, then that’s something that can really encourage people to get out of their cars and onto the bus and the train.  It’s why pulling buses and trains out of traffic — one way or another — is so important.