This Jim Goddard peice from a few days ago is mostly a concise little report on the changes coming to bus service on Granville.  The 98 is getting axed, and people who need limited stop service along the north-south axis of the city are going to have to take the Canada Line.  Fair enough.

But I can’t wrap my head around why the piece ends the way it does.

Some regular 98-B Line users have expressed concerns about the changes.   Some say their commute will take longer thanks to all the transfers required.

I bet some have “expressed concerns”!  And no doubt people who worked on Granville will have slightly longer commutes!  But why write that paragraph without getting reactions from people whose commutes will speed up?  What about the people who work on Cambie?  Nothing from them? And no attempt to get any expert estimates about how many people will see their commutes slow down and how many will see them speed up?  Nope, just complaining.  Okay, then.

We’re not even talking about people who are having a transfer in Richmond added to their trips, like the people on the 600-numbered buses.  But somehow these news stories about how terribly inconvenient the Canada Line is just seem to write themselves.