Frances Bula points me to these interesting posts from Clark Williams-Derry and Alan Durning about biking in Vancouver versus Portland.  For all the interest in Portland’s bike culture, Vancouver doesn’t look too bad by comparison.  Williams-Derry points out that Portland has a bit of edge for bike commuters within core cities proper.  Within the city of Portland, 3.9% of commutes are by bike.  In the city of Vancouver, that number’s only 3.1% (warning: big pdf).  But Durning looks at the numbers for the whole metro regions, not just the cities proper.  In the metro Vancouver region, 1.9% (pdf!) of commutes are by bike, but in the Portland region that number’s only 0.8%.

Where does that leave us?  Well, as I’ve said before, I think Vancouver could learn something from Portland about how to make downtown more bike friendly.  (I’d love to see Vancouver copy Portland and put big bike racks in street parking spots.)  But I also think it’s a reminder that, when it comes to Portland and transportation, don’t believe the hype.

And on that note, here’s a video from Copenhagenize about some bike infrastructure I’m ready to believe the hype about.  Go watch it!