The comments underneath this Kelly Sinoski’s Sun article are interesting.  (Yes, I’m trolling comment threads.  It’s Friday morning and I’m still only halfway through my first cup of coffee.  What can I say?)  The people in that thread are talking about how the toll on the Golden Ears Bridge affects their decisions about where to drive.  But take a look at this comment in particular:

Actually the tolls have deterred me from using the bridge. I still use the Port Mann bridge because I don’t have the money to use the GEB and judging by recent traffic jams, it seems like many are in the same boat as me.

This guy’s situation is tough, but it’s also a nice concrete symbol of the situation that the whole region is in when it comes to transportation planning.  We need to move people around the region, and that’s going to cost us a lot.  But we’ll get to choose how we pay the price.  Do we pay in money or time?