George Heyman and Colin Campbell are talking good sense about the provincial carbon tax:

The money stream generated by the current ‘revenue-neutral’ carbon tax cannot be applied, as it logically should, to low-interest retrofit loans, grants or public transit investment (including fare reductions which would encourage greater use). Taxes from gasoline are already used to build roads and bridges. It is also both sensible and necessary to use public money to finance measures and infrastructure changes which encourage climatic stabilization.

True!  The carbon tax shouldn’t be revenue-neutral, andthe money it should make should get kicked into public transit infrastructure.

The only thing I have to add is that I found this via Policy Note, a new blog from the BC office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.  Finally, the CCPA has a blog!  This is good news, since the CCPA’s main site, with its earnest list of huge PDF files to download, doesn’t exactly invite engagement from us lay-folk.