That’s a picture of Hamburg’s Wartenau U-Bahn station taken by Matthew Blackett of Spacing Toronto.  Nice, huh?  Blackett’s got more great pictures, and he’s interested in showing how subway stations featuring these kinds of tile designs on the walls don’t have to “look like washrooms.”  (That can be an issue. Granville station looks like a 1968 vision of Bathrooms of the Twenty-First Century.)

But I think Blankett’s pictures make a more general point too.  These Hamburg U-Bahn stations look like a pretty economical compromise between the brand-name designer Millenium line stations and the institutional-beige Canada Line stations.  I mean, I really like the idea of having every single Skytrain station designed by a good architect, but I also get why that’s not always going to be something the region can afford.  But colourful tiles?  We can afford that, can’t we?

In any case, I’m eager to see what the Canada Line stations look like once this programme to display art in stations is up and running.  And of course, it goes without saying that there ought to be cartoons on the subway.

(Thanks for KHD for the tip.)