Via the Buzzer, Paul Hillsdon tells us what’s going to be happening to the articulated buses from the number 98, once that route is kaput in September.  They’re going to be used on a new route, the 399 B-Line:

The route begins in Guildford at 104 and 152, travels west along 104th, connects to Surrey Central and King George SkyTrain stations, travels south along King George Highway, connecting to Newton Exchange and the South Surrey Park and Ride, before turning south onto 152 St and ending at the Semiamoo Shopping Centre.

We like new bus routes.

Update:  Ah!  In comments, Jhenifer from ther Buzzer adds an important qualification here:

I just wanted to mention that the 399 is a proposed route for next year, and its implementation depends on the funding approved by the Mayors’ Council in October.

Okay.  Thanks for the clarification!  For the record, I still like new bus routes.