Some friends, the GF, and I went up to Garibaldi Lake yesterday and wandered around in the meadows and volcanic plains just above the lake.  It was a hike I haven’t done in a long time, and it was more astonishingly beautiful than I’d remembered.  The green-blue of a glacial lake is something I can’t quite bring myself to believe, even when I’m looking directly at it.

Our friends were kind enough to provide the wheels to get up there, but when we were in the Rubble Creek parking lot, I noticed at least one Co-operative Auto Network car.  That surprised me, since I’d have thought it would be cheaper to rent a car from somewhere like Budget if you were going to have the car all day.  But it looks like my hunches on that score have been too conditioned by Philadelphia’s Philly Car Share, because a day-trip in a Vancouver co-op car is pretty damn reasonable.  $30 for the day, plus a per-kilometer fee? That’s not bad.  Not bad at all.

Someone remind me why I’m not a co-op member?  Because right now it really seems like I ought to be.