How is it possible to wait half an hour for a bus that’s supposed to come every ten minutes, and then have three come all at once?

Anyway, here’s something that put me in a better mood.  It’s four Dutch women on what not to wear when riding a bike:

This is extremely important; do NOT wear a helmet. Three types of people wear a helmet on a bike in Holland;

  1. The English.
  2. North Americans.
  3. The mentally afflicted.

The English and Americans wear helmets because in their worlds common sense no longer rules and people must be safe from their own actions at all times. Also it is a well known fact that when Americans fall off a bike they fall on their heads, why this should be we do not know. God gave us each an ass, in fact he appears to have given many Americans more than one ass each and yet they do not use them, you have to wonder why. On the rare occasion a Dutchman comes off their bike we fall on our well padded behinds (and it’s ALWAYS the fault of a German motorist).

The only time you need to wear lycra when riding a bicycle is when you are a speed rider at a velodrome or riding in the Tour de France, there is not any other occasion when lycra and bicycles should be mixed together.

Those damned German motorists.