Via John at Xing Columbus, a  Columbus, OH blogger, here’s the Columbus Dispatch‘s depressing account of how drivers accidentally killed 21 pedestrians last year.  The best part?  This:

Much of the time, the collisions are the pedestrian’s fault, said police Sgt. Shelia Wilson, who oversees Columbus’ accident-investigation unit.

“Usually, it’s a pedestrian jaywalking,” she said. “Or they’re just walking in the road.”

On streets without sidewalks, Wilson said, pedestrians should stay as close to the edge of the road as possible.

My emphasis.  This hits close to home for me.  The GF lived in Columbus for six years while she was going to school, and so I spent months at a time there.  I know Columbus well.  In order to walk to a movie–and we usually had to walk, because the bus service was so terrible–we had no choice but to walk along the curb of a six-lane major artery with no sidewalks.  There was no other way to get where we were going.  Now, if a driver had hit and killed me while I was walking to a movie, Sgt. Sheila Wilson of the Columbus PD would say my death was my own damn fault.  I shouldn’t have been walking there.

I’d like to finish this post with a snarky one-liner, but I’m actually completely dumbfounded by this attitude.  I’m really dumbstruck.