Harvey Enchin has a column in last Friday’s Sun where he winds his way around to suggesting that Translink needs to have more private-sector involvement, because then it will somehow be more efficient.  He makes serious errors of fact and is confused about basic economic concepts, as Stephen Rees patiently explains.

But I wanted to flag something else in Enchin’s column.  He cites a study showing that “the average cost per passenger-kilometre in five large Canadian cities was 12 cents by transit, compared with 46 cents by car.”  So traveling by public transit costs a little more than a quarter as much as traveling by car.  Wow.  Those are the kinds of savings that make buses and rail look like really, really great long-term investments.  It’s like weatherizing your house.  You spend some money now to save a lot more money later.

So then why are we even considering not making those investments?