Okay, there’s one nit I have to pick in Alan Campbell’s otherwise good piece about new bus routes in Richmond.  He says:

TransLink says customers going into Vancouver will be able to avoid road traffic on Oak Street Bridge, where congestion has increasingly become a “wild card” in recent years.

No, Translink doesn’t just say that people on the Skytrain will avoid traffic.  It’s actually true!  You can see it for yourself!  All you have to do is go down to the Fraser and see that the Skytrain does not, in fact, run over the Oak St. bridge.  And that’s really easy to see!

It’s fun to make fun of absurd journalistic conventions, but there’s a real point here too.  My sense is that not enough people in the Lower Mainland fully understand the advantages of pulling rapid transit out of traffic.  Not many of us have a lot of experience with the speed and the dead-regular schedules of grade-separated transit.  It’s that lack of experience that leads people to say they “can’t see how” the Canada Line could speed their commutes up.  But having a clear picture of what you gain by pulling rapid transit out of traffic is essential to imagining how good public transit could transform the way we live and move in metro Vancouver.