Alan Campbell in the Richmond News has a good write-up of the changes coming to Richmond buses in September.  The basic idea is that lots of Richmond buses that now go to Vancouver are going to go to Brighouse or Bridgeport stations.  One of my buses, the number 620 out to the Tsawwassen ferries, is going to go from Bridgeport. Good to know.

One question, though.  The number 480 into UBC isn’t getting redirected to Bridgeport.  That seems odd, since people on that bus could take the Skytrain to Oakridge and then catch the limited stop 43 out to UBC.  Wouldn’t it be good to get more people taking south Vancouver’s only express bus?  As it is, the 480 does a weird little milk run around Marpole, but people in Marpole can pretty easily take a Granville bus down to the 43, so it’s not like they’d be stranded.  What am I missing here?