I was thinking a bit more about the 49th corridor from Metrotown to Langara, and trying to get slightly more real than dreaming of trolleys.  It made me wonder, what’s Translink doing with all the articulated buses from 98 B-Line?  The 98’s shutting down after the Canada Line opens, so all those buses are suddenly free.

Obviously, the 99 would be the place to put more buses, if it were possible to shove more buses onto the route.  As it is, the afternoon rush has 99’s lined up one after the other in traffic, all of them jammed with people.  It’s really not clear to me that Translink could add more 99s to rush hour traffic without making big changes to how traffic flows on Broadway.

But lord knows the 44 could use some more articulated buses, and I bet the 95 could too.  Or what about some love for the 49th Ave. corridor?