Here’s an interesting post from Mike Klassen at City Caucus about, among other things, the emerging South Vancouver centre at 49th & Fraser.  If you looked at a map of the city, and kept track of where there’s already high-density development and good transit, and where there’s only medium-density development and not-s0-great transit, this spot would be exactly where you said Vancouver needed a new neighbourhood centre.  So it’s great that one’s developing organically.

But how to encourage it?  Better buses going both east and west to give the neighbourhood better access to the Skytrain.  Hell, let’s dare to dream.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a some trolleys running along 49th, connecting Metrotown to Langara?  Yeah, I thought you’d be into that.

But also, if South Vancouver’s going to have better neighbourhood centres, those centres need more high-density development.  Without that, they’re not going to get better transit, and they’re not going to get the walkability that makes neighbourhoods great.  So one of the things South Vancouver needs to do to get great neigbourhood centres is get past the eternal NIMBY hate-on for density.  It’s a tough but worthy crusade.