It’s hard to know what to make of an online write-up from a news radion station, but this short piece on News 1130’s site is genuinely weird.  The headline, sub-head, and Lyle Fisher’s lead all tell that “some commuters in Richmond and White Rock are concerned their daily trip to work will be more of a hassle, not an improvement.”  Okay.  I mean, schedule changes always bring new kinks to work out, but is that all this is about?  Or is there some other worry here?

Who can tell?  Fisher’s piece contains no more information about any commuters, whether they’re worried about schedule changes or not.  It just goes right to Translink’s Drew Snider saying schedule changes will be minimal and won’t kick in until September.

Update:.  Okay, here’s CTV’s version of this story, and it’s got some quotes from actual commuters:

Another commuter named Vivien said she has heard that the advent of the Canada Line would take seven minutes off the trip from Delta to the downtown area. “But I can’t see how,” she said.

Okay, well, the fact that someone “can’t see how” isn’t much of an argument for why the Canada Line won’t speed their commute up.  Maybe people “can’t see how” because they have so little experience with sweet, sweet grade-separated rail transit.

But really, maybe diverting people to the Canada Line will slow a few commutes down.  Chnage of any kind usually hits some people harder than others.  But if more people end up with a faster commute, and many more do the commute by public transit than otherwise would, that’s still a win for the Canada Line.