One more point on the YVR surcharge.  Even if $6.25 is a reasonable fare to pay for someone flying in and out of the airport, it’s a really terrible idea to charge people who work at the airport.  Does Translink really need to ding someone slinging double-doubles an extra $5 a day–$2.50 in the morning and then again going home at night–just because the Timmy Ho’s she works at is at the airport?

The point here is to give people the incentive to get out of their cars.  But those incentives are going to work differently for travelers and daily commuters.  If an airport employee starts doing the math and realizes the YVR surcharge costs her around $100 a month–on top of the cost of her monthly pass–she’s a lot more likely to take her car to work.

Besides, this would be an easy problem to fix, at least in a rough and ready way.  Translink would just need to set up a way to distribute free “surcharge exempt” stickers for people to stick on their monthly passes.  That’s not a perfect fix, I know, but it’s both easy and better than nothing.