The GF and I were having drinks on the Sylvia’s patio earlier this evening, and we ended up having front row seats for Critical Mass as it rolled past along Beach Ave.  Fun!

But while the minions of the Insidious Cycling Lobby were pedaling by, we also got a reminder of why cyclists feel the need to assert their right to a piece of the road.  As they were riding by, someone in a Honda Civic rolled through a stop sign and started trying to nose her way into a road that was jammed with bikes.  She didn’t think the stop sign applied to her when the only traffic in front of her was bikes.  And she thought it was perfectly fine to use her car to force cyclists out of her way.  After all, if she cut too close to a bike and someone went over the hood of her car, she wouldn’t be the one going to the ER.

Fortunately, a couple of Critical Massers, following their SOP, stopped their bikes in front of her, politely and cheerfully making it clear they weren’t going anywhere and neither was she.

None of this tells against Gordon Price’s argument that Critical Mass could be more politically effective if it were less confrontational.  But I get why cyclists feel the need take back a piece of the road once a month from drivers who don’t want to share.