From an unsigned Tri-City News op-ed:

It seems crazy to be planning cities without any guarantee of a rapid transit project that is supposed to be the spine of development. But that’s what’s happening and Moody and Coquitlam are flying blind, with the former trying to draft a new OCP and the latter considering strategies that would put more people around stations while reducing parking requirements.

This highlights how bad it is to have, on one hand, a definite plan for transit expansion and, on the other hand, no plans for how to pay for that expansion.  Without knowing where the money’s coming from, no one knows if the Evergreen Line is going to happen.  But that means Coquitlam can’t really start zoning for higher-density development around future stations.  And that means that if and when the new line opens up, it’ll have fewer passangers than it could have had to start.  The development will happen eventually, and people will start riding the train, but it’ll all happen slower than it needed to.