Frances Bula’s got a heads-up about a report coming in to city council this week about the possibility of rezoning the industrial land at the bottom of Cambie for residential development. The dilemma’s this. Council should zone for high-density, mixed use development around major transit nodes, so as many people as possible can live, work, or play within walking distance of a Skytrain station. But that land–around Cambie, between S.W. Marine and the river–is currently industrial land, which as Jeff Lee reports, Vancouver’s lost 30% of in the last 40 years. We need a lot of people walking to the Skytrain, but we need industrial land too. That’s tough.

In Bula’s comments, Vancouver Planning Director Brent Toderian says something about how it might be possible to thread the needle here. Zone for mixed use both north and south of Marine, but on the south side, make it all offices, retail, and entertainment, with no residential. I think the idea is that if people aren’t living south of Marine, it’ll be easier to mix up industrial space with office and retail space.