Jessica Werb at the Straight reports that the Canada Line is going to display art in stations. That sounds, on balance, like a really good thing. It’s a little disappointing, if predictable, that InTransitBC is making it happen by paying commercial galleries to advertise their product for them. Really? How much more would it cost to commission a few local artists to do permanent pieces? What about loaners from the VAG or the UBC Museum of Anthropology? There at least seems to be some hand-waving about moving in a non-commercial direction once the programme’s up and running.

Anyway, the idea of art on the Skytrain gives me an excuse to offer one more reason for Translink to build a Broadway subway. Cartoons! Boston’s red line, the subway that takes you from downtown out to Cambridge, has animated cartoons in its tunnel. It works like a zoetrope: individual images are stuck up on the side of the tunnel wall, so when you whip past at sweet, sweet heavy rail speeds you see various characters moving around and doing stuff. The downside is that it’s advertising. But I bet some Emily Carr students could do cooler stuff for free!