That’s not actually the headline to Cheryl Chan’s report on the Insidious Cycling Lobby’s latest scheme to tighten its icy grip on our fair city. But the headline her piece got is just as funny: “Cyclists, pedestrians feel ‘safer”. Which is to say, cyclists and pedestrians, who we all knew were the ones to benefit from the Burrard St. Bridge bike lane, like the Burrard St. Bridge bike lane. And indeed we do! No quotes from anyone stuck in their car on Pacific, though. Oh, well.

Actually, the really interesting stuff comes in Chan’s last three grafs:

The mayor. . . admits that traffic might be heavier in September.

But Arno Schortinghuis, president of cycling group Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, points to the new Canada Line, expected to start operation around Labour Day.

“By that time, you’ll have the equivalent of 10 more traffic lanes with the Canada Line,” he said.

The new Cambie line does the infrastructure work of a bunch of lanes of traffic along the city’s North-South axis. If people don’t want to sit in traffic, they’re going to have options. I don’t know who Arno Schortinghuis is anymore than I know how to pronounce his name, but I like his thinking. I like it alot.